“And the day came when the desire to stay the same became more painful than the risk it took to change.” Adapted from Anaïs Nin

If you are looking at this site, chances are you or someone you love is struggling and/or is dissatisfied with some aspect of life.  Maybe you are:

  • Feeling unsure of yourself and find it difficult to make decisions
    or find direction or meaning in your life
  • Lacking energy, and feel depressed or blue
  • Dealing with loss or a life-threatening diagnosis
  • Finding it difficult to manage and cope with the stress and anxiety in your life
  • Wanting to change habitual behaviors that threaten your health
  • Feeling isolated and alone
  • Wanting to improve the important relationships in your life
  • Wanting to develop your communication skills
  • Wanting to understand yourself more deeply and gain mastery of  yourself

I hope I can be of assistance to you.  I have briefly summarized the services I offer and invite you to take a little time to look through my practice offerings.

My office is nestled in Winter Park under the shade of aging Florida oaks where I have enjoyed providing successful individual, couples, family and  adult and adolescent group counseling for the past 30 years.

While I use a variety of these approaches in working with individuals and couples, my clinical base is primarily Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor Therapy. I have had ongoing, hands-on, training with the creators of this approach for 23 years and continue to do so. In PBSP, you discover how the unmet basic developmental needs of your past are influencing how you think, feel, and behave in the present. Through this approach, your needs can be identified and symbolically met, allowing you to live a freer, more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Currently Offering:

More Information can be found at www.southerncenter4pbsp.com, or by contacting deborah@southerncenter4pbsp.com

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